biology learning resources

A level

*****NEW***** have now added some checklists for the Edexcel specification.

These worksheets and notes relate to the new AQA Biology specification.

If a textbook is referred to it is the OUP Nelson Thornes Toole and Toole book.

Checklists – these are copy and pasted from the specification.  The columns with the smily faces are for students to indicate how confident they feel about the statements.  The page numbers in the final column refer to the above textbook.

Notes – these are more frameworks for notes than a complete text and as such have lots of gaps to fill in from lessons or textbook.  I have updated most for the new specification (AQA).

Triominoes – these are a matching exercise made with a very useful free program called Tarsia

To use triominoes cut out (and laminate) the main file – the idea is to put them together into a shape by matching questions and answers.  There should be a solution file for each one too.