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IGCSE Biology

Worksheets and other resources for IGCSE Biology, based on Edexcel specification

Resources for IGCSE Biology, based on Edexcel specification although they will fit with others too.

If there are references to a textbook, it is the Pearson Edexcel one (green, with chameleons on the front).

Question loops – there is a file in the Revision section which gives instructions on how to use these.

Tear off quizzes – split the class into teams (of four or five).  Print off one sheet for each team, enlarge to A3 if possible.  Stick the sheet upside down at the end of a bench / table.  Put a pair of scissors by each sheet.  When the challenge starts, one member from each team has to go to the sheet and cut off the first question, then return to their team.  One of the team should then write the correct answer on the question and bring to the teacher, when you are satisfied they are correct they can go and get the next question.  First team to complete all questions is the winning team.