biology learning resources

Key Stage 3 Science

Worksheets and challenges for Key Stage 3 biology and chemistry.

The challenges here are files with A4 sized sheets with extension work for the topic.  I laminated these and kept them in a folder, and would use them with students who had finished other work, or needed some extension work.  They involve puzzles, thinking exercises, or reading comprehension, and in some cases extend beyond the level of knowledge required at key stage 3.  I have used some ideas from other resources, for example from the TES resource section – if any authors object to this let me know and I will remove that section.  You would easily be able to add your own ideas to these.

Poke cards – to use these, laminate the individual cards and punch 3 holes at the bottom.  On the reverse of each card, circle around the correct answer with permanent marker.  Students work in pairs.  Student A picks up a card, and answers the question by poking a pencil through the answer hole they think is correct.  Student B looks at the back of the card to check their answer.  If Student A is correct, they keep the card.  If not, they place it at the bottom of the pile.  Then Student B takes a turn.  Keep going until all cards have been correctly answered, the student with the most cards is the winner.